Professor Ron EcclesI am pleased to support any new research and products to treat nasal obstruction and aid breathing, as chronic nasal obstruction is a common problem that can have a great impact on quality of life and quality of sleep. I have been impressed with the efforts of Breathing Solutions UK Ltd to develop the Nose Vole and Nasal Actuator as breathing aids for those with nasal obstruction, as this type of product is suitable for long-term daily use, unlike the decongestant nasal sprays that can only be used for a period of 7-10 days. The inventor of the Nose Vole and Nasal Actuator, Keith Stewart, has found his own solution to his nasal obstruction by developing the products over many years, and this story is similar to the invention of Breathe Right Nasal Strips that were invented by a non-specialist who wanted to treat his own nasal obstruction. Great inventions can and do arise from the creativity and dedication of non-specialists and I am pleased to wish the new company, Breathing Solutions UK Ltd every success with their venture.

Professor Ron Eccles BSc, PhD, DSc,
Former Director
Common Cold Centre & Healthcare Clinical Trials
Cardiff School of Biosciences
Sir Martin Evans building
Cardiff University
United Kingdom

I have no financial interest in Breathing Solutions or their products and have not received any payments from the Company.