What is your Nasal Cycle?

Nasal CycleWe all need a good supply of air to make sure we are getting enough oxygen into our bloodstream. Although it is possible to breathe through your mouth when your nose is blocked, most experts agree that this is not ideal. Breathing through your mouth means that the air you are taking in has not passed over the natural filtering system inside your nose. You also wake with a dry, uncomfortable mouth and throat.

At any one time, one of our nostrils is letting in the majority of the air that is reaching our lungs. The other one is busy producing mucus. This process switches sides after a few hours – the time varies from person to person – and is called the nasal cycle.

No-one is certain why this nasal cycle exists. Some experts believe it is part of the nose’s self-cleaning mechanism, to help our bodies defend against infection. Other experts believe it has to do with our sense of smell – a lower volume of air, through a moist nasal passage, helps us to detect different scents.

If you are fit and well, and do not have any nasal problems, you probably won’t notice this cycle. However, if you get a cold, the flu or a bout of hay fever, you will. The nasal cycle is the reason that one nostril is often totally blocked while the other will let in some air.

If you have a chronic nasal condition, you could be aware of your nasal cycle all the time and this awareness will most certainly be more pronounced when lying down, when sinus draining is at its minimum and congestion at its maximum.

We need to get more air from the nostril that is currently letting some air in to compensate for the one that is blocked.

How they work

Due to your nasal cycle, one of your nostrils is producing mucus so that the airway is already narrowed due to slight tissue swelling and extra mucus. Add that to your nasal condition/infection and this will result in that nostril being totally blocked. A Nasal Actuator or Nose Vole has the effect of opening up your airway.

There would be no point in opening a nostril which is totally blocked. Instead, let’s look at the other one, our target nostril. This nostril lets in air as it is the non-active one in your nasal cycle (the one not currently producing mucus).

A Nose Vole or Nasal Actuator is inserted into this clearer nostril, expanding it to let in more air.

This is why our product is different! It surfs your nasal cycle, widening the airway in the clearer nostril to compensate for overall loss of air intake due to cold, infection or other condition.

Article by: Fiona Morris,  medical herbalist MA Bsc(hon)MNIMH