Breathing solutions was incorporated in 2006. Its formation was primarily as a private research and development company whose aim was to improve nasal breathing by exploiting the human “nasal cycle” . The company’s founder Keith Stewart had previously invented two products which effectively achieved this aim.

The company adopted them as signature products which it labelled as “GET TO SLEEP AIDS” for people with a variety of nasal infections or conditions who found getting to sleep challenging.

With the assistance of a prominent London ENT surgeon and a clinical herbalist. Breathing solutions was able to fine tune an effective nasal breathing system.

The system combines mechanical aids which physically open the nasal passage with soothing natural balms who’s vapour promotes sleep and decongestion.

Breathing solutions also worked closely with another Scottish company (GM Instruments) which specialises in the measurement of air resistance through the nose. In order to verify the effectiveness of the products various rhinomanometry evaluations were carried out on a variety of subjects who suffered from nasal breathing problems.

Breathing solutions continues to research other ways to promote nasal breathing, which include the recommendation of selected breathing exercises and therapies which could help people suffering from sleep deprivation due to poor nasal breathing.