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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation due to poor nasal breathing Have you ever noticed that when you lie down to go to sleep with a blocked nose that it can become even more difficult to breathe? As described earlier, when we go to sleep the...

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Nasal Breathing Impairment

Causes of impairment of nasal breathing For both people with or without an existing respiratory disorder, a greater pressure on the upper respiratory system airways when you lie down horizontally creates a restriction in the...

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Rhinomanometry Evaluations

Rhinomanometry is a technique used to quantify the degree of nasal obstruction and an Anterior Rhinomanometer allows the obstruction on each side of the nose to be measured separately. The instrument measures the pressure at the...

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The Nasal Cycle

What is your Nasal Cycle? We all need a good supply of air to make sure we are getting enough oxygen into our bloodstream. Although it is possible to breathe through your mouth when your nose is blocked, most experts agree that...

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