Which product should I use, the NoseVole or the Nasal Actuator?

People who suffer nasal congestion which prevents them getting sleep will know they have good nights and bad nights. The bad nights may be due to pollution, infection on top of an existing condition, dust, atmospheric change, climate, humidity, temperature, an allergy…. the list goes on and on.

For users who would prefer an unobtrusive product we would recommend the Nose Vole for those who suffer from normal nightly congestion and the Nose Vole HT for those who suffer from bad nightly congestion.

For users who are not concerned if the product is obtrusive and who will wear it whilst immobile we recommend either the Nose Vole or Nasal Actuator for those with normal nightly congestion or the Nose Vole HT or Actuator AT for those with bad nightly congestion.

When should I use them?

You should use them in your own private space, when you are:

  • Lying down trying to get to sleep
  • Sitting watching TV or reading a book
  • In a stuffy environment
  • When your condition or infection is particularly bad.