Keith StewartHow the NoseVole was invented…

After a riding accident I was forced to go through rhinoplasty. After 1-1.5 years I found it difficult to breathe through my nose. I went through various operations to try and cure this, some helped but the effects were short lived.

Operations ceased and I found that not breathing through my nose made it difficult to sleep. The more I gasped and blew the worse it was. I tried various Nasal Dilators and chemical sprays but nothing worked.

I found that the only time I could breathe properly was when my ENT surgeon was examining my individual nostrils. The inspection devices penetrated quite far into my nose and pried open the sides. I understood that I should try and emulate this. I invented the NoseVole which is inserted into one nostril just like the inspection device.

I discovered that I usually only required to insert the NoseVole into one nostril as the other one was totally choked. About 4-6 hours later they switched. I asked my surgeon about this and he said it is your nasal cycle. I found that the increased air from activating the clear nostril was more than enough to get to sleep.

This is a very powerful and effective product but does take time to get used to it. It will fall out during the night and if you wake you may need to insert it into the same nostril or the alternative one due to the nasal cycle switch over. I have also found that tiny twists and adjustments are required to maximise the effect. It must anchor on your septum and push out your nasal wall from the orifice you breathe through. Your nose must be dry or it will slip out of it’s proper position.

These products are not suitable for persons with internal nasal sensitivity or trauma.

Remember a product which is so comfortable that you do not know it’s there will probably not do much to improve your airway.