Herbal Sinus Balm


10ml Jar – Sinus balm. This is a totally natural product formulated to enhance the effect of the Nose Vole or Nasal Actuator when treating the symptoms of colds and flu. Sinus Balm combines the skin-soothing properties of Shea butter and sweet almond oil with an aromatic blend of essential oils to relax and open your airways. We have selected Eucalyptus and juniper oils for their antiseptic qualities, and Lavender for its sleep enhancing properties.




Breathing Solutions aim is to provide a holistic approach to helping you breathe better. We have commissioned Medical Herbalist, Fiona Morris to produce our own natural nasal balms, designed to complement the use of the Nose Vole & Nasal Actuator.

This product is an aromatherapy balm which is a totally natural product. You can use our Sinus Balm together with our Sleep Balm, although there is some overlap in their properties.

Apply Sinus Balm to the irritated skin around the nose and nostrils after inserting the Nose Vole or Nasal Actuator.

Note: Be careful not to get any of the balm inside your nostrils or on your Nose Vole or Nasal Actuator, as this would allow the aids to slip from the correct position.


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