Nasal Actuator (Pack of 10)


The Nasal Actuator is a ‘Get To Sleep’ aid designed to improve airflow through a single nostril. Users may find it easier to use and adjust than other models in our range. We recommend it for normal nightly congestion. Available in two sizes¬†– please see our ‘How our products work’ page for size guide. Quantity: 10 Units per pack (twist off centre bar before use).

For bad nightly congestion we recommend the Nose Vole HT or Actuator AT.

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This product uses the latest medical grade material. It is very powerful and will allow you to breathe through the single nostril it is inserted, irrespective of your nasal condition or infection. Designed, tested and manufactured in the United Kingdom. It combines soft rubber tips with a high performance spring. Disposable after 24 hours from first use.

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