I’ve been using the products from Breathing Solutions for around 6 months now. They have totally changed my life for the better, allowing me to get off to sleep easier as well as a much better night’s sleep. The customer service has been outstanding. Keith who has been advising me has extensive knowledge on all of the products and has from the start been trying to help me find which product fits/suits me best. I have now found that a combination or the nasal actuator and actuator AT work for me. The reason for both is that some nights my nose is more blocked than others and so needs more tension to open the nasal passage.

I have a severely deviated septum. I have had one septoplasty operation which didn’t really work due to the severity of the deviation. Prior to using the breathing solutions products I was using the breathe-right nose plasters some nights and nasal spray other nights. My surgeon had told me to not use a nasal spray long term as it’s not good for the nasal passage, but when it’s between sleeping and not sleeping it’s very hard not to use the spray. The plasters were ok, but always left me with a red nose when I removed the plaster in the morning.

Nowadays I don’t need the spray or the plasters because I use the nasal actuators. So it feels good to think that I can get to sleep and stay asleep unmedicated. I have tried a wide range of the products, which has helped me discover which size and tension of product I needed for my nose size and shape.

When I first started using these products it felt very strange and slightly uncomfortable. Over a week or so of trying them I got used to the feeling and now it doesn’t bother me being there. I do find that it pops out during the night sometimes, but I think this is due to the shape of my nasal passage. If it does come out it’s easy enough to pop back in during the night.

Overall I’m really pleased with these products as they have made an awful situation feel quite bearable. I would highly recommend people in similar situations give them a try.