In writing this testimonial for Breathing Solutions I must first of all declare my connection with Keith Stuart and these products. Keith approached me some years ago for help with building a website for his (not then launched) NoseVole. As someone with multiple, chronic sinus issues (which Keith did not know at the time) I was intrigued by this fledgling product. In my own sinus journey I have had two operations, which were both extremely unpleasant. After both procedures I experienced some significant relief for a year or two but things gradually reverted after that. My first attempt at using a NoseVole sample, which Keith gave me several years back, was unsuccessful. By which I mean, although neither painful nor even especially uncomfortable I just found it a little distracting and couldn’t just ignore it when it was in place. Fast forward several years and following a really bad patch of severe sinus discomfort, ear fullness and frequent bouts of vertigo (caused by the ear blockage/pressure) I decided I should give the NoseVole (and the other options that have since been developed) another go. This time I persisted and it has been absolutely worthwhile doing so.

Despite knowing very well the manufacturer’s instructions (that these products are meant to only be used on whichever side has the current open airway, which intermittently switches as part of the normal ‘nasal cycle’) I only wanted to try the NoseVole on my right/blocked side to see if would help relieve the persistent congestion on that side. After some experimentation with the various items in the tester pack I concluded that the NoseVole medium is my best fit/tension etc. I started using this on and off while working at my computer and watching television and other similar situations. I place it into my bad side whenever I feel that there is a tiny chink of air flowing on that side and the NoseVole opens up the nasal passage 100% on those occasions.

I’ve only fallen asleep with one in place a couple of times and I feel I still need to acclimatise further to be able to ignore it completely when lying down in bed. However… my personal major benefit has been found in using the NoseVole when performing a sinus rinse (with a saline and bicarbonate solution). Previously I had used this sinus rinse with only a modicum of success but… with the NoseVole in place it allows the sinus rinse to be snuffled up into the offending side far more effectively. (Again, performing this at the moment when my nasal cycle has switched to the right side). After about a week of on and off use whilst working on my computer and nasal rinsing with the NoseVole place, twice a day, I finally emerged out of my very bad patch which had been persisting for about three horrible months. I am continuing to use this product on and off whenever my condition worsens and would unequivocally recommend that fellow sufferers give this product a persistent trial.